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Dericho Relief Efforts in Central VA

Hey gang, I should have posted this earlier, but wanted to reach out and ask for prayers for our area and church.  We were hit with...
Posted by Chris Judd in General IT Discussions
Comment from Jason Lee:

Chris, thanks for sharing this prayer with our community.  We are praying for you and your ministry.  Its awesome how your church is able to have such an impact in your community in such a difficult time.

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Food Ministry Prayers and Networking

I initially got involved at my local Church with our A/V team and worked up to the Lead Minister of Media. During these past years,...
Posted by Matthew Kimball in Church IT Network
Comment from :

Matt, this is a good and worthwhile ministry and I pray God will bless it and your efforts to bring high quality food at reduced prices to people in need. I am looking into participating in the Orange/Gordonsville area.

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Urgent: Miracle needed for staffers 17-wk twins

Kyle serves as a youh pastor at Calvary. His wife Michelle is pregnant w/ twins (first kids). 17 weeks along. Overnight the water broke...
Posted by Shawn Ross in Church IT Network
Comment from Shawn Ross:

Prayers have been ANSWERED!

Monday Michelle deliverd, and Kade Alan Howard was born at 29 weeks.

From Kyle (Michelle’s husband and Kade’s father):
He is now at the NICU where he will be for the next few months. He is doing very well: mostly breathing on his own, grabbing a finger if it comes close enough, occasionally opening his eyes and letting the nurses know he does not like his diaper changed with kicks, judo chops and yells. Thank you to those who have prayed us along, we ask for you to continue to do so as we pray to see him clear medical milestones in the months to come. Thank you God for our son.

More prayer will be needed.

I’ll update this post with any further information I receive. The LORD is faithful; Kade is truly a miracle; we know it and the doctors and nurses have told us so ;)


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Springdale Community Church Shooting

Please pray for the the people, their friends and family, who were at Springdale Community Church in Louisville, KY at the time of the...
Posted by Jesse Moore in Church IT Network
Comment from Jesse Moore:

Yes, I think Daryl is a member at Springdale.  Some on twitter asked Daryl “You guys OK?” and Daryl replied “we are okay.  shooting same room (across partition) from ladies d-group.  Scary.”  Update on news website is that one man is dead and another in stable but criticle condition.  Both were believed to be enforcers of the HOA policies, and there had been an ongoing dispute between them and the shooter.

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