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Any one need a ride to CitRT in the Middle Tn market place

615-200-7711  call I you need a ride  Stephen Ballard
Posted by Stephen Ballard in Southeast Region
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National Conference "Prize Patrol" Members

We are looking for 3-5 people to help as the 2016 Prize Patrol for this year’s National Conference.   We are looking for creative help to collaborate on ideas...
Posted by Jason Lee in Church IT Network
Comment from Mark Rock:


I would be happy to help too.

Mark Rock
Lincoln Berean Church
Lincoln, NE

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Live Stream Solutions

Church IT community, We are currently using Piksel Faith (formerly 316Networks) for our current live stream service. We lease a server that does all of the encoding...
Posted by Chris Haas in Southeast Region
Comment from Jason Lee:

@Elisa, i’ll email you as well but i saw demoed last week at the regional in chicago and it is very very interesting for between campus simulcasting and the price point is WAY lower than any other solution i’ve seen. 

I’ll email you this info too..

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Comprehensive IT Project

My church has FINALLY decided to move on the technology project throughout our facility.  I would greatly appreciate all the input I can get from those who have...
Posted by Dan Pyles in General IT Discussions
Comment from Mark Simmons:

What does “decided to move” mean?  I’m not joking.  The first pitfall is thinking your got approval for one thing when those who “decided” had something else in mind (or maybe each individual had something different in mind).

We completed a comprehensive overhaul of our IT environment in 2014.

1. It started by making a case for the need and giving a broad brush on what needed to be replaced/done and the ballpark cost.

2. Once everyone agreed on the need we moved on to making a specific set of recommendations, including timeline.  At our church I’m a one man band, so I formed a Technology Task Force to pool skills from the congregation to sift through the possibilities and come up with a specific set of recommendations.

3. We then got this approved by our church board.  Even in Silicon Valley most board members have little to know expertise or opinion, EXCEPT when it comes to Mac vs. Windows desktops and WiFi.

4. We implemented infrastructure upgrades first, then desktops and software.  The latter we did in waves where we configured a number of desktops, then set them up in a conference/classroom for user training.  At the end of the user training, we moved the systems to their offices.  One of the best things we did.  Everyone got trained and then got to applying their new skills immediately.  Made the transitions in hardware and software quite smooth.  The staff LOVED this approach.

I wouldn’t begin to advise you on specific products or configurations without knowing a lot more about your environment.

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We're hiring a JavaScript/Node.js Engineer

This job is for you if you’re passionate about the idea of helping churches solve ministry problems through data and intelligence in a way that truly impacts the...
Posted by Drew Goodmanson in Web/Dev Discussions
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IT/Technology Director in St. Louis

Posting this for a friend who asked to spread the word: Position: IT DirectorChurch: Faith Church (St. Louis, MO)About Faith Church: Faith Church is a non-denominational...
Posted by Jason Powell in General IT Discussions
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Wowza Information

I have questions about Wowza. We currently stream via a provider that we execute from our website, but I need to bring the stream into our vendor built app as well...
Posted by Brenda Bostwick in Southeast Region
Comment from :


I wanted to see if you still needed information on this?

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Network Systems Administrator Full Time Opening

I know you all have thought it… but now is your chance to find out the answer to your question “I wonder what it would be like to work with Jason Lee?”   Northwoods...
Posted by Jason Lee in General IT Discussions
Comment from Kjell Nygren:

I think I’m going to click on your link 50 times … 

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TechOps (IT) Support Specialist opening

The Crossing in St. Louis, MO is hiring a full time TechOps (IT) Support Specialist. This position has the incredible distinction of working with ME, and who wouldn’t...
Posted by Jim Michael in General IT Discussions
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Hiring a Developer

Hi Everyone, Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX is hiring an additional Developer.  The posting is listed here. Anyone interested, please use the forms on that...
Posted by Trey Hendon III in Web/Dev Discussions
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UMHB Needs A Webmaster

UMHB is looking for a Webmaster. If you know of anyone who wants to work for an exciting university in beautiful Central Texas, please send them my way and I can...
Posted by Jake White in General IT Discussions
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Job: Desktop Support Specialist 2

If you know anyone in the DFW area looking for a great I.T. opportunity please share this with them.  Thanks! Covenant Church has an immediate opening for an experienced...
Posted by Giancarlo Benvenuto in General IT Discussions
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Job: IT Portfolio and Project Manager

IT Portfolio and Project Manager   At we believe our jobs are a calling. We are risk-taking, irrationally generous, spiritual contributors who bring...
Posted by Zach Gilliam in General IT Discussions
Comment from Zach Gilliam:

@Angela – this will be located at our Edmond, OK Central Offices. While I’m fine with remote in a lot of roles, this one will really have to be in the office to be successful. We can provide relo assistance if its the right candidate.

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National Roundtable Photography / Video Volunteers

Are you a photography or video guru?  We are looking for individuals to help us by taking photos and videos at our RoundTables for archive and promotional purposes. If...
Posted by Jason Lee in Church IT Network
Comment from Aaron Sudduth:

Jason (Lee or Powell),

I certainly could assist in some aspect.  In another thread someone posed the question of recording and posting video of the various sessions and I commented that I certainly could assist in some part of the workflow. (perhaps that would be converting to a usable format, editing, Uploading to an appropriate channel, etc – could also assist in setting up cameras/audio, recording, operating a camera, etc) – although I don’t want to be too involved as where I’d miss the event. (Since I am a volunteer IT guy and actually take off time from work to go to the event)

With that said, certainly ping me and let me know how I can assist and I’ll get out my video director/producer/editor hat :)

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Hardware RAID6 and Chassis

I’m currently purchasing a RAID Card and Server Chassis for my church and just wondering if anyone has any insight. Looking for a PCIe Raid card that will do 8...
Posted by Raymond Burns in General IT Discussions
Comment from Phil McFee:

wow! that is an awesome story! thanks for sharing it.

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