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2014 National Roundtable & Refresh Cache

By Jason Lee in Church IT Network about 3 years ago | 3070 views
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The 2014 National Roundtable & Refresh Cache will be October 22-24 in Peoria, IL at Northwoods Community Church.  

Again this year we are planning for a great event of connecting with peers, sharing in community and collaborating in innovation.

If you work, volunteer, or dabble in church IT…  or you don’t yet serve a local ministry but you just love gadgets, tech or code and want to learn ways to impact local ministry with technology this is a can’t miss event for you.

Plan to join us to contribute to the conversation and expect to learn from your peers from around the country….It’s 3 days of Geekery, Awesomeness and uber amounts of food.  Registration for the 3 day event includes all meals and activities for just $75.

For Registration, and Hotel Information check out

NEW – The event Schedule is now live! 

Need a Ride or Have a ride to share?  Check out this thread.

Let us know what you want to see at the Roundtable:
Give us your feedback, Call for Workshop Presenters/Topics
Call for Ten Talk Presenters

Check out some Awesome activities happening around the Round Table:
 Rock User Group

 ACS User Group
Fellowship One User Group

Ministry Platform Usergroup

Pre Event @ Bass Pro Shops

 Ladies/Wives Lunch & Activity

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Discussion about this event

Craig Mashburn on 02/12/2014

Looking around at hotel options (yes, I am a planner!). Is the hope to have some special rates for attendees somewhere? Rates seem pretty high in Peoria for name brand hotels.

Jason Lee on 02/12/2014

Craig, i am actively working with hotels to negotiate rates this week.. I’ll be sure we post the info as soon as we have it.

Jesse Goodwin on 02/13/2014


Craig Mashburn on 03/13/2014

Hey Jason, any update?

Jason Lee on 03/23/2014

Hey Craig, we have negotiated rates with 6 different hotels, including a couple options that will offer a shuttle service to/from the airport and to/from the church campus for the Roundtable.  The options range from $89/night up to $125 per night depending on the hotel you select.
We will be posting that information on very soon.  

Craig Mashburn on 03/23/2014

Excellent! Thanks for your work on this!

Chris Haas on 04/09/2014

Also as a planner, what is the event registration cost and usually how many people are in attendance?

Jason Powell on 04/09/2014

Registration is $75 which includes lunch and dinner. We’re expecting over 200 again … maybe we’ll hit 300 this year? :-)

Jason Powell
TechOps Director
Granger Community Church
630 E. University Drive
Granger, IN 46530
574.243.2022 * (email address removed)<mailto:(email address removed)> *<><><><>

Chris Haas on 04/09/2014

Thank you very much Jason for the very quick response on this. Would love to setup a time to talk personally to you. Is there a day and time that would work for you?

Craig Mashburn on 05/06/2014

Jason, has the hotel info posted somewhere and I just cannot find it?

Jason Lee on 05/06/2014

Craig, you can expect that information to be posted this week.

Jason Lee on 05/08/2014

Hotel & Registration information is now available on

Craig Mashburn on 05/09/2014

Thanks, Jason!

Do you have to call to get the special rates or do they have a rate code to put in?

Eric Rovtar on 06/25/2014

Hey, Jason:

Just wondering if you knew what time the ChMS discussion will be on the 21st. I’d be very interested to try and attend that if the timing was right, so as I look at travel plans, it’d be great to know that.


Jason Lee on 06/25/2014

Eric, the chms day is a pre conference activity and is coordinated by each individual chms. Most will be hosted at a local church that uses each individual chms.

Jason Lee on 06/25/2014

Craig, I suggest calling the hotel you choose for the group rates.

Eric Rovtar on 06/26/2014

Oh! So it’s more of an “open house” than a discussion. Ah… Then I won’t make a huge point of trying to be out there for it. I misunderstood what it was.


Jason Lee on 06/26/2014

No, my understanding was more of a chms specific roundtable.. It is just coordinated by each chms and may or may not be on our campus… Who is your chms? We can see what their plans are


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Date: Thu, Jun 26, 2014 8:34 AM

Eric Rovtar on 06/26/2014

We use CCB, but I was more interested in learning about other ChMS options. We’re not planning to switch right now, but I always want to make sure we’re using the option that is the best fit for our needs.

Kjell Nygren on 08/12/2014

Where do we fly into?

Craig Mashburn on 08/12/2014

Kjell Nygren, Peoria has an airport and is served by American, United and Delta. No Southwest, unfortunately.

David Wright on 08/12/2014



M. David Wright

1064 Glover Hills Drive

Springfield, TN. 37172-7036

E: (email address removed)

Jason Lee on 08/12/2014

Hey Kjell, you have several options.

Peoria International Airport has service with direct flights from: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix/Mesa

Also you can look at Bloomington/Normal which is about 50 minutes drive from Northwoods which includes Delta, American, Frontier and Allegiant.

Also, Springfield, IL is about 80 miles away and then both Chicago Airports are about 3 hrs drive.

Jason Lee on 09/27/2014

Want a look at the event schedule, check out

Oct 22 – Oct 24
Wednesday – Friday
8:30 am – 6:30 pm
10700 N. Allen Road
Peoria IL 61525
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193 people
are coming
Joe Nall (1)

Aaron Williams (1)

Terry Rugg (1)

Winston Meeker (1)

Kent Ellis (1)

Chris Reeder (1)

Brian Farney (1)

Tim Pigue (2)

Shawn Ross (1)


Tim Broad (3)

David Wright (1)

Matt Baylor (1)

Matthew Schildroth (1)

Robbie Leib (1)

Nick Airdo (4)


Mark Rock (3)

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Derek Schwab (1)

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