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Fall 2013 National Church IT RoundTable AND RefreshCache

By Clif Guy in Church IT Network almost 4 years ago | 5777 views
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Make plans now to attend our Fall 2013 National Church IT RoundTable AND RefreshCache, October 21-23 in Leawood, KS (Kansas City area) at Church of the Resurrection.

This event will kick our web/dev track through the roof by hosting RefreshCache at the same time as the Church IT RoundTable!  RefreshCache mirrors the DNA of our community so it was a no-brainer to host our two events together in 2013. 

COST:  $75 – yup!  Our awesome partners underwrite the bulk of the cost so the event itself is not a financial roadblock for attendees.  Register now.


MCI is about 35-45min from the below hotels.

Church of the Resurrection has partnered with the following hotels to provide you with the best rates.  All of the hotels are within a 6 mile radius of the Church.            

FYI: Drury and Pear tree are next to each other sharing same parking lot (10min from COR).  Holiday Inn Express is the newest of the four hotels and closest (6mins from COR).

Drury Inn

10963 Metcalf Avenue

Overland Park, KS  66210

Doubles/King  $75.00

(Included Hot Breakfast)

Holiday Inn Express

7580 W. 135th St.

Overland Park, KS  66223

913-681-8400  $82.00  Corp  ID # 100195356                          

Holiday Inn & Suites

10920 Nall Avenue

Overland Park, KS  66211


Queens/King  $84.00  Group Code COR

(Includes Limited Shuttle Service and Continental Breakfast)                                                                                         

Pear Tree

10951 Metcalf Avenue

Overland Park, KS 66210


Doubles/King    $60.00 
(Includes Hot Breakfast)              

Tentative daily schedule will be posted shortly.  For now we’ll be hosting a meet-n-greet Sunday evening for those able to make it and the event ends Weds around 2:30pm local.

Have a room or ride to share?  Post offers and needs here

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Discussion about this event

Jason Powell on 04/03/2013

woohoo! This is gonna rock!  :)

3 days of workshops, training, peer presentations for both IT and web/dev folks! 

Geeks for JESUS!!!!!!!!!

Mark Burleson on 04/04/2013

I shall be there in full awesomeness. =P

Chris Reeder on 04/09/2013

Hope I get to go

Nancy Graham on 04/17/2013

Yeah!  Looks like I will be able to make this one, it’s been too long!

Jason Powell on 04/17/2013

Nancy – awesome! Would be great to see you again!

Chris – Great! Let’s start chatting about a SCRUMBUT workshop

Mark – I guess I look forward to see you as well ;-)’

Craig Mashburn on 04/18/2013

Any word on approximate start/end times. I need to start making plans (flights/hotel/rental). I am pretty certain I would need to get there on Sunday, but not sure about when it will end and if I will be able to leave on Wednesday or need to wait until Thursday.

Clif Guy on 04/18/2013

Start time approx. 8:30 or 9:00 am Monday.  End time approx. 3:00 pm Wednesday. We expect to offer an off-site gathering Sunday evening and Wednesday evening for those who want to hang out with CITRT and RefreshCache peeps.  We might also have some tours or other optional activities Wednesday afternoon/evening and/or Thursday morning.

Philip Tay on 04/22/2013

I am a maybe.  It all depends on how much I get done over the summer months.

on 04/23/2013

i’m coming, hopefully i remember to book travel to kansas and not phoenix

Bill Sheeler on 04/24/2013

I’ll be there for sure.  Already budgeted for :-)

Syble Thon on 04/27/2013

What is the registration cost?

Jason Lee on 04/27/2013

Registration will probably be $75 like our events before.

Brendan Stark on 06/12/2013

The real question is… will there be BBQ?

Jason Powell on 06/12/2013

YES! There will be BBQ catered in! NOMZ!!!

Craig Mashburn on 06/25/2013

When and how do we pay for this event?

Chris Adams on 06/25/2013

In the approval process now, should be solid any day now.  I assume too early to know hotel pricing =P

Jason Powell on 06/25/2013

Watch this thread for registration and other details.

When we (leadership) know, you’ll know :-)

Ben Swaby on 07/03/2013

Not sure the success of doing this, but with all this talent coming into town it would be intesting if we could have a service opportunity to help out 1 more area churches.  Maybe 1 or more of the roundtable partners would be willing to chip in.

Just a thought.

Jason Powell on 07/03/2013

Ben – yeah, we’ve chatted about doing that before. Would be cool, just not sure how to coordinate that along with everything else. You want to lead that project ;-)

Ben Swaby on 07/05/2013

Sure.  I can definitely take this on.  Below is rough draft plan. 

If you are around next week let’s discuss.


To Do List

  • Determine best time for involvement
  • Work with CITRT partners and Church of the Resurrection to come up with possible candidate churches
  • Interview each candidate church to determine needs
  • List skill sets/equipment needed and determine # of CITRT members that can help

-—- Pause and determine if enough are available to help ———

  • Finalize list of churches
  • Start pre-site work
  • Go Serve!

Service Opportunity Guidelines

  • Keep it small with 2-3 locations
  • Do no more than 1 large and 2 small tasks at each location
  • Ensure each task is non-intrusive due to locale/time limitations
  • Partner with a local vendor (preferably CITRT partner) if at all possible
  • Commit to praying for the church and being a source of council for a period of at least 6 months

Non-Intrusive Task Ideas (some will require pre-planning, equipment purchase, and partner assistance)


Less pre-planning required

  • Technology Assessment
  • Wireless Survey

Additional pre-planning and hardware required

  • Cabling
  • Access Point Installation
  • Security Camera’s Installation 
  • Digital Signage (AppleTV’s or Screenly using raspberry pi)
  • Streaming setup… ???
Brad Oby on 07/16/2013

Ben, if you are taking nominations, I know of a small church that could probably use some help.

Ben Swaby on 07/29/2013

Yes. Please send me a message with the information about the church, including needs, contact, etc.


Brian Turnbull on 07/31/2013


I won’t be able to make the event; but I love the concept of the TenTalks you’re doing. Any chance these could be live streamed, or even recorded to be posted later?

Jason Powell on 08/01/2013

Brian – we’ll attempt to live stream the main sessions and TenTalks, but no promises :-)

Jason Powell
Tech Ops Director
Granger Community Church
630 E. University Drive
Granger, IN 46530
574.243.2022 • (email address removed)<mailto:(email address removed)> •<><><><>

Jeff Eck on 08/05/2013

Hey guys, if I had one request for the event it would be more round table talks rather than all the demo type stuff from Arizona. I personally felt that I got a lot more value out of the trip to Dallas than I felt I did in Arizona simply for the small group discussions.

Brad Oby on 08/13/2013

Hotel suggestions?

Jason Powell on 08/13/2013

The church has hotel blocks already, will try to get that info out shortly along with registration link.

Jason Powell
Tech Ops Director
Granger Community Church
630 E. University Drive
Granger, IN 46530
574.243.2022 • (email address removed)<mailto:(email address removed)> •<><><><>

Philip Tay on 08/13/2013

Are we going to have car pools like in Dallas of last year?

on 08/14/2013

Registration fee?

Jeremy Hoff on 08/15/2013

Any Communications staff attending?  Such as a Comm Director who “gets” tech even if she is not a techie?

Jason Lee on 08/15/2013

@Philip: That is unknown at this point, but possible.

@Anthony: Our events are typically $75 registration fee, registration will open very very soon.

@Jeremy: I can only speak for Northwoods, and i am working very hard to get our 2 communications staff and Dev&Web volunteers to join us.

Jeremy Hoff on 08/15/2013

@Jason Lee Thanks for the response! That gives me confidence to push ours to attend. I’ll respond when I get a confirmation.

Jason Powell on 08/19/2013

Hotel info!

Church of the Resurrection have partnered with the following hotels to provide you with the best rates.  All of the hotels are within a 6 mile radius of the Church.  Reservations must be made by September 22 to be assured of these rates. 




Drury Inn

10963 Metcalf Avenue

Overland Park, KS  66210

Doubles/King                      $75.00   Click Here to make online reservations

(Included Hot Breakfast)



Holiday Inn Express

7580 W. 135th St.

Overland Park, KS  66223

 913-681-8400                   $82.00  Click Here to make online reservations using Corp  ID # 100195356



Holiday Inn & Suites

10920 Nall Avenue

Overland Park, KS  66211


Queens/King                        $84.00  Click Here to make online reservation using Group Code COR

(Includes Limited Shuttle Service and Continental Breakfast)    


Pear Tree

10951 Metcalf Avenue

Overland Park, KS 66210


Doubles/King    $60.00                    Click Here  for online reservations
(Includes Hot Breakfast)              

Jeff Eck on 08/26/2013

FYI: When trying to book for the Pear Tree online it says I cannot because of my dates. Looking at the group info I can see why.

“Group Info:  2164130 – CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION    Hotel Info: 

Pear Tree Inn
10951 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS

Group Dates:

Arrival: 09/24/2013 – Departure: 09/28/2013"

Also, when can we register?

Clif Guy on 08/26/2013


That’s a different conference here at Resurrection.  They should have something for us for Oct. 20-24.  Might say IT Conference or CITRT.  Not sure.  But the event you’re looking at is our big, annual church leadership conference.


Jeff Eck on 08/26/2013

Ok, thanks Clif. The link posted is what I clicked on for the Pear Tree and that was the event that it put in there. I will call them tomorrow, since I finally have approval to come.

Jeff Eck on 08/28/2013

Is registration available yet?

Kjell Nygren on 08/31/2013

When will registration open?

Jason Powell on 08/31/2013

We’ll have registration link up in next week or 2
>> Jason Powell … Sent on the go from my iPhone5. Please forgive the brevity and typos. <<<

Syble Thon on 09/05/2013

Anyone have recommendations on the various hotels? Best value & quality for the money? I don’t know the area. The Pear Tree looks the most reasonable so specifically, are there any downsides to staying there?

Theresa Pluckter on 09/10/2013

I cannot wait:D  Thanks to everyone organizing the event!!

Bill Sheeler on 09/10/2013

It’s past late August, when will registration open?

Jason Lee on 09/10/2013

Hey Bill… Registration is almost ready we are tweaking the final details to collect all the needed info… In years past we have started registration but forgot to ask various details and then we spent a ton of time trying to collect info after registrations were completed.
I know there were a few edits Sunday night so I’m pretty sure once those are done you will see a link available. Thanks for the patience

Jason Lee on 09/10/2013

The moment everyone has been waiting for the Fall Roundtable Registration is OPEN!

Jason Powell on 09/16/2013

As of Friday Drury still had rooms available at the discount rate. Remember reservations need to be made by Sept 22nd!
I strongly recommend CALLING the hotels vs trying to make reservations online.

Jason Powell on 09/23/2013

Hotel discounts have been extended, but now on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  Don’t delay!

Also be sure to check out the room/ride sharing wiki

Brendan Stark on 09/23/2013

Harvest is registered and excited!

Jason Powell on 09/24/2013

FYI – we’re giving away a Surface RT!  Catch is you have to register by 9/30 to be entered into the drawing so don’t delay!

Jason Powell on 10/05/2013

As of last week we had 165 folks registered (including partners). w00t!

Jason Powell on 10/06/2013

Tentative Schedule now up at

We still need more TenTalk presenters! See the TenTalk thread and make an offer :)

Jeff Eck on 10/14/2013

guys and gals that are attending… who can I hook up with to talk live streaming? Our single site is looking at potentially going live with our two Sunday services. I am wanting to find out all I can from setting it up to licensing for worship music to what specific tech specs are best.

Syble Thon on 10/17/2013

I know it’s too late to suggest a topic but I’d love to hear more about virtualization, particularly virtual servers.  Will that be included in any talks?

Jason Powell on 10/17/2013

Jeff – several workshops around streaming

Syble – a LOT of people there will be very familiar with virtualization as well as many of the partners. So many folks to chat with about it and there’s one workshop on hyper-v as well.

Rob Shaw on 10/19/2013

Able to go at last minute. What do I need to do to register? Should I just show up??

Stephanie Johnson on 10/21/2013

I couldn’t join you all this week, but wondered if any of the sessions were going to be streamed?

Jason Lee on 10/25/2013

Please take a moment to complete the attendee survey… now’s your chance to tell us what you liked and what needs changed.  Our events are made better by the feedback you give us.

Theresa Pluckter on 10/28/2013


We missed you. I didn’t find anywhere they were live streaming. Did you?

Theresa Pluckter
5145 Due West Road
Powder Springs, GA 30127
(770) 590-0334 ext 244
Cell: (770) 335-9468
[BHBC Logo Email]

Jason Powell on 10/28/2013

Sadly no streaming this time. Sorry.

Jeff Eck on 10/28/2013

Stephanie, I have some audio files from a couple sessions I was in if you want to get with me for them. I have Daryl’s BYOD ten talk and Network 101/201 as well as Chris’s Streaming 101. Email me at if you want any/all of this.

Oct 21 – Oct 23
Monday – Wednesday
8:00 am – 3:00 pm
13720 Roe
Leawood KS 66224
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118 people
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Rob Shaw (1)

Kyle DeHoff (1)

Kent Ellis (2)

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Justin Smith (2)

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